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Your area rug and its issues are unique.

Let’s choose the best cleaning process for you. 

In-Home Cleaning

Face-side Only
$0.85/Sq. Ft.
  • Synthetic Fiber

  • Light Soil

  • Pre-vacuum
  • Pre-conditioner
  • Hot-water extraction
  • Fiber grooming

In-Plant Cleaning

Atiyeh Bros. / Eugene
$3.70/Sq. Ft.
  • Synthetic / Wool / Silk Fiber

  • Wool / Cotton Fringe

  • Light / Heavy / Extreme Soil

  •  Light / Heavy Urine*

  •  Wet / Mold / Mildew*

  •  Bleeding Issues

  •  Repair Work*

  •  Rug Pad*

  •  For information on cleaning process, please contact Atiyeh Bros. at (541) 342-3678 at atiyehbros.com.
  • *Extra charges may apply.

Free pick-up and delivery!

Let us do the work for you! Whether it’s to our shop or Atiyeh Bros. in Eugene, we’d be happy to pick-up and deliver your rug. We’ll even move your furniture!

If Atiyeh Bros. is the right choice for your rug, we’ve got you covered and will save you the trip and gas money. We charge the same amount per sq. ft. as Atiyeh Bros.